Why Bye Bye Blankie?

Why? Why you ask? Allow me to tell you why…

Bye Bye Blankie is the first and ONLY blanket on the market which provides a solution to weaning your child from their attachment to their blankie.

Clever Trimmable Layers

The blanket is built to have layers trimmed away leaving a perfect seamed and functioning blanket each time. The concept is so simple and clever ensuring parents are in control from day one

Exactly the same

Bye bye blankie will also look exactly the same after every layer is trimmed. Our design is done to ensure unique elements are still visible as the blankie shrinks.

Reduces Attachment

We also felt that reducing attachment is very important while also allowing a child to keep forever a small piece of their blankie, to fondly recall their favourite comfort blankie for years to come.

Register your blanket

With purchase, customers are invited to register online at staging.bbb.flywheelsites.com to receive milestone guidance and content for free along with access to our blog – full of useful information and expert advice on a wide range of topics.

This is the Blankie that just keeps giving…

Bye bye blankie comes in a beautifully designed box perfect for gifting – in fact you need nothing more but a gift bag!

So why bye bye blankie – we ask you now – why not?