How it Works

It works with a little storytelling and a whole lot of adult magic!

When your little person is growing it is important to talk to them about how much they have grown ‘look at how tall you are getting’ or ‘remember these shoes used to fit you now they don’t – you are growing and it’s so cool’

Make growing up fun and enjoyable

It is important to point out that as we get bigger some things become smaller to us. So for example when we are small our clothes seem huge, but as we grow and we get bigger we understand that we grow out of small clothes and need new ones.

Take out a baby grow and show them ‘you used to fit in this’. Laugh about it together, make growing up fun and enjoyable. Reassure them that this is natural and everyone does it.

Our favourite stories

Tell them stories about what they use to do, like “I remember you use to sit among the dirty washing and throw socks all over the kitchen”. Our favourite stories, even as adults, are the ones we can resonate with.

It is this milestone where blankie is perfect for shrinking, although Bye Bye Blankie can shrink whenever a parent wants. The clearer you can make the conversation around growth and natural development the better.

And then comes the adult magic

Development together

When your little person is asleep, easily trim a layer from blankie. If and when they notice, reassure them that blankie is only getting smaller because they are getting bigger. Celebrate this wondrous development together.

It is now every parents decision when another layer should be removed. We recognise that every parent is best placed to know when their child is ready for the next phase and we encourage you all to take the individual journey from here on in. Trim layers all the way down to ‘keepsake’ size where bye bye blankie becomes discreet and portable.

Don’t forget to recycle blankie’s layers!

Share your stories with us on our social media channels. It is so important as parents to be open about our wins and losses. Our stories can help another facing a similar struggle.